Next Steps

This post is related to a previous blog posts written about moving forward which you can read about it here and the pivot point that I am shifting towards which you can read it here

Going to keep this post short as much as possible, to give context that I have decided to shift towards a pivot point and moving forward in life

I have decided to go take a direction in everything I am doing and wanted to do the things that I dearly love

But an unpleasant truth that lots of people don't want to admit to themselves: if you want to excel in any area of your life, you have to make compromises. You cannot build your side business, read all of the Russian classics, do yoga, prepare for a marathon, go to the gym, meditate everyday, watch Netflix shows, maintain healthy relationships, sleep 8 hours a day, cook your own food. The idea of perfect balance as most people see it is not real, there are things you end up delegating to gain time but you cannot do everything in your life in which you have to take a decision and this decision is what makes you happy or miserable in this life

You are going to realize along the way that happiness was never about your career, your college degree, being in a relationship, following the footsteps of all those who came before you. It was never about being like the others but instead happiness is about the discovery, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it where it chose to go. Happiness was always about being kinder to yourself, embracing the person you are becoming, and living with yourself but never in the hands of others but in your hands

While I am not here to judge people since I am in no authority to do so, I do have the rights to judge myself in the sense that I am in a position of transitioning towards a different direction in life and I have to take a decision that suits me on the long run, lots of people might not like this and that is fine.

I have my share of experience in this and things didn't go as expected in terms that it costed me my mental health. I have taken everything on pause for a while, sorted things out in terms of mental health and fitness

In this post, I am going to talk about the things I am going to do as next steps:

  • Focusing on creating my own startup where I will be creating my own solutions as independent services and helping people build their companies that would leave an impact in this world. Sure I might be building a software company but unlike traditional software companies that develop for the client based on their demands and tries to keep the client around, my aim is to make the client feel that they have someone that understands them in their business needs and able to translate their needs in a technical matter that does scale and bring shareholder benefits and not becoming a yes man to get a paycheck at the end of the month plus the ability to utilize partners at need thus benefitting multiple parties not only myself
  • bringing back Reconfigured but in a different manner in terms that it will serve as the documentation of becoming a technical startup founder, I will always bring people from various backgrounds on the podcast but I am going to share my humble experience in what I have learned whether it is technical or not, consider it more as a documentation of what I am doing. It was a decent run getting guests and all but I think it would be ideal to choose a theme and to work on it from now on, extending this on the podcast/blog/newsletter in terms that I will be sharing the things that I see fit
  • decreasing my book reading from 52 to 26 (half the number). I have stated this in the past but this time shifting towards reading solely literature (starting with Russian literature), mathematics, history, biographies, and technical books regarding programming
  • daily exercising at the gym which I have been doing for the last 3 months non stop and it did help
  • embracing the modern day renaissance man. In hindsight it is about becoming someone with genuine competence in and understanding of multiple different fields, this can stretch towards multiple fields like arts and mathematics similar to how Leonardo Da Vinci became in his time
  • utilizing social media to spread my content and the message that I wish to send out. While social media is rigged in a way to make us addicted to it for the sake of getting quick dopamine shots, there are certain things on it that is worth investing time into it if done properly. Instead of being a consumer, I am shifting towards becoming a producer on those channels. If you wish to reach out on social media for the sake of communicating, email would be more ideal than sending a direct message because it keeps the context short and focused on a specific point

TLDR the points I have mentioned is about starting my own thing, focusing on the craft (which is software development), exercising daily, and enjoying the process.

All these points will be done based on obsession (something coined by Zach Pogrob in his instagram and newsletter). The idea is to do the things you love doing not for financial reasons (money comes and goes but it is not the main goal) but instead it is about doing it due to the love of the craft

Anything else that is not mentioned in these points will either get ignored or delegated in a certain way (if possible). All the things that have been circulating in my mind will eventually get solved by time, it is about focusing on what is important and it is a big compromise that I am willing to take which it might stretch for a long time. Things might not work as expected or might take lots of time and that is fine with me because I know that I am doing this on a long run, I don't know when things will take into fruition but as long I am enjoying the process then let it take its time to its fullest

These blog posts are written for myself, they are not intended to any audience similar to how Marcus Aurelius wrote his book "Meditations" and how I write my journal entries. I am writing this to myself for myself as a reminder towards the upcoming future and to see how I have progressed throughout time