Mohamad Kalaaji

Fullstack Software Developer
3X AWS Certified

I usually hate writing about myself in any kind of perspective (first or third) because I can easily falsify any info shared just to show that I am good at something or to make myself look like some hotshot (which I might and might not be). But since this is an about me page, I will share the information that I might think it is useful

Fullstack Web and Mobile Developer. I usually write code in Javascript (React for web, React Native for mobile, and Nodejs for backend ranging from MVP to serverless). My main focus these days is serverless software development build on AWS as well as machine learning and AI. (But I learn other stuff on the side like Golang, Python, and Rust)

One hell of a bookworm and a coffee aficionado. I own a physical Bitcoin wallet (to show my dedication to crypto) and a stock market enthusiast. Mainly I read psychology and philosophy these days on my trusty Kindle Paperwhite (I do and still have a physical library) and can debate about nearly anything (a good example is why Antonio Vivaldi might be a better composer than Mozart).

fun fact about myself: I write daily on my journal (which I have been doing for years) so any event or person I encounter in my life will be written about. If you like to become a part of this then feel free to contact me to talk about anything over coffee some time