I’m Mohamad Kalaaji. Software Developer based in Beirut, Lebanon

I have been in the software development industry ever since I was 17 years old helping startups and companies write efficient and scalable code.

I am fortunate enough to be mentored by amazing people whom shaped my career and perspective to where I am at right now. I bring like-minded professional on my own podcast to bring these experiences to the general public at zero cost.

I like to experiment along with reading and writing. Other than the fact that I read 52 books a year and been keeping that pace for more than 3 years, I have been compiling all of my reading notes into a separate website to share them to the general public at zero cost. The reason I call myself an amateur academic researcher is because I like to do research but hate academia all together (for many reasons).

Today, I’m the founder of Literature and Code, a Bitcoin only software development company in the Middle East. It is an interesting experiment to take to see how the Middle East will recept to this kind of workflow and try to make a decent living writing code without worrying about financial issues in my home country. I also run Reconfigured a media outlet subsidiary that explores the intersection of technology, culture, and society using blogs and podcasts