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Upcoming updates

I have been taking a short hiatus due to excessive burnout, now that everything is aligned and back on track then it is time to document the upcoming updates that will take place.

This post is nothing more than a reminder to myself and a public announcement of internal things that I wish to disclose. I rarely write those type of posts for one logical reason: I keep those events to myself and incrementally show results throughout time but I am taking a different approach towards this by disclosing information that might benefit the consumer and receive feedback faster than investing time towards something that might not yield any benefits (and to keep the consumer up to date with what I am going to do).

What is with the burnout?

Not going to lie on this part but I have burned myself down good this time by juggling multiple things at a time with lack of clarity on how things are progressing forward.

While moving forward is the preferred path that everyone would recommend, doing multiple things while moving on the same path might become cumbersome if not tiring at a certain level plus you reach no where because you are moving small steps in different things that you end up moving small steps in a large set of time.

It took me time to calibrate myself partially to be able to function on a regular scale but I wouldn't recommend diving into multiple things at the same time even if it means towards one end goal.

But I think I am able to proceed forward with what I am doing at the moment but on a slower phase than before, at first all I cared about was chasing numbers on social media to prove that what I am working is worth viewing or that I should write articles because it can increase my followers yet I forgot the important part: loving the process, I was kinda fed up with the current process that it kinda burned me down along the fact that it burned down other things I like doing in my days, putting me in an anhedonic state (aka lack of pleasure) when doing the things I like to do.

I thought to myself that I can handle things, that following a system even if I didn't like the process can help me move forward, that it is the beginning of the path and it will get better by time for me to realize that I was wrong about this, terribly terribly wrong about this.

A change in plans

I have taken a different approach on how things are going to progress forward from now on, I have always thought of myself way before thinking about the other party that I am going to deal with.

The process is going to change on how I will interact socially and internally to achieve the result that I have in my plan while helping others benefit as much as possible.

This post here will talk about different topics to be discussed about:

  • The Blog
  • The Podcast
  • My note taking website (The Codex Project)
  • Visual expression on content
  • An upcoming new long term project

The blog

I have talked about the blog multiple times where I will be writing articles and get them peer reviewed by experts and all but this time I want to express things I want to talk about, I want to document the process on how I managed to write an article or thoughts that come to mind, I was writing those type of posts on a private SubStack account but I feel that I should centralize them under one place.

In other words: I will be writing more these days to stay in sync with things and document the process that I am undergoing on many levels, this is why I changed this website's blog posts from "blogs" to "content" for a logical reason that I will be sharing much more than blog posts.

The podcast

Not much changed on this side but managing people is hectic sometimes that I have to follow back on people through emails. On the bright side I do manage to communicate my current guests on Polywork but I am heading towards managing those people by creating a system that would make things easier for me and I might sell it off as a service or open source the code freely to the public (haven't decided yet what to go with but a plan to work on this is under heavy consideration)

The Codex Project

I have launched a website that I will be hosting my notes there but I will be taking a short break from documenting my notes.

There are a lot of notes that I want to share but they aren't structured in a way that would bring benefits other than bringing noise on the site hence taking a short break before doing a big release of notes is ideal at the current moment.

Visual expression on content

I have thought about this point in the sense that I have this idea of documenting the process on what I am doing like how I record a podcast episode, how to deal with guests, how to structure your tasks properly, and much more.

Other than videos, I have this idea of doing visual art posts on Instagram and those blog posts to grab attention through visuals to further explain a certain idea in a visual sense (yet it means that I have brush up my design skills)

Recap on this: videos and visuals to explain a certain issue or to achieve a certain thing. I will be documenting the process on everything I will be doing on all levels to keep things transparent on everything that I will do.

An upcoming new long term project

I am planning on a new project that is going to be utilized on the long term: I am planning on doing my own company for the long run.

This is a long term project that I have been taking it into consideration for a long time and it is time to consider this option as I age through time.

There will be a time where I will be removed out of my current position towards another position or might not fit the market anymore that you need to think of a different strategy to take. As inflation is hitting the world and prices are rising on everything from housing to food and gas that the cost of living is increasing day by day, you must adopt a different strategy to increase revenue to be able to support yourself (and your future family) and not live paycheck to paycheck and on loans that your children might inherit.

I am announcing this for obvious reasons: all the content that I am going to share (blog, podcast, social media posts) will resolve towards funneling to this project (and I have no shame saying this to be honest, if I am providing value and people want exclusive support then it is logical to do this step), my goal is to service people who are in need of service and not as a mechanism to hurt my current employer, and to do meaningful things that I always wanted to do.

I am doing this out of my love for the craft and not doing it for the sake of money as if I am going to expect millions from it, think of it as a side hustle that brings extra value that I can leverage in my life while enjoying to do the things that I always like to do.

This project is going to be composed of different parts that we will be hosting in-house made services available to the public for a subscription fee and tailored based services that are charged based on the client's demands. In other words that the project will be servicing products to be used by other individuals that solves a specific problem and services that are tailored for specific conditions.

Creating systems that would make people's lives better, the project will take the idea of software development to a whole new level. I am automating the entire process from onboarding to handling sprints and feedback on a platform that I am coding it from scratch tailored towards making the project process seamless and easy for myself and the client

There is something that it is going to be done different in this project regarding payment processing. While majority of current companies accept their payments either bank transfers or utilizing a payment service, it is getting difficult in Lebanon to process payments due to the economic issues that we are facing hence I will be utilizing a payment processing method that works anywhere and that would be using Bitcoin as my payment processor.

I don't know if I am creating the first Lebanese Bitcoin exclusive software development company but I want to handle payments regarding the situations that is happening around me, I want to continue working on the craft that I always love doing.

I think this step is crucial for the development of the company and eliminate borders that might constrain the project on the long term, there might be conditions where certain clients can't utilize Bitcoin for undefined reasons that I might get to accept a fiat based payment to make things move forward but on the newly developed platform, the sprints will be paid in Bitcoin.

To recap here: creating my own company as a side hustle, providing value to the people who wish to collaborate with, and creating revenue streams to be able to provide myself and my future family in the future.