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#5 - Startups in Lebanon with Maysaa Ajjan


Today’s episode is with Maysaa Ajjan, journalist at Arab News. We have discussed the following topics:

  • Her contributions to Al Annahar on the “Startup City” segment
  • How Arabnet had the ability to track some startups in details
  • Funding mechanism for startups from BDL (circular 331), bootcamps, competitions, and angel investing
  • Lebanese startups conditions before the 2019 economic crisis (failed, operating, exited, migrated)
  • Lebanese startups conditions after the 2019 economic crisis
  • Success stories of certain startups
  • Migration of talents and startups
  • The rising new economy of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin being used in current Lebanese startups

Sources used for the podcast

Internet and power issues

Innovator Shift

Financing Startups

Rawa TV Exit

Myki Exit

Bookwitty Bankruptcy



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