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Focusing on the craft


For around a month ago, I have decided to take a break out of social media by adding restrictions to my devices along with reconfiguring my entire habits and rituals from scratch.

I have tried this entire setup and it changed my life for the better. Not only I didn't miss out on a lot of things (I did miss news from people around me but a simple message to ask on others didn't hurt anyone and didn't take a lot of time to catch up with the people whom I genuinely care about) and I had more time to focus on the things that do matter to me which leads me to the point that I am going to explain in this blogpost.

No more FOMO

Since I no longer check social media as I used to in the past, the fear of missing out (FOMO for short) started to affect me. You get this feeling that there might be important things worth knowing about till I realized that I didn't miss anything at all. What I missed out is seeing boring memes and rants from that annoying hopeless incel friend who doesn't have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day nothing more.

If something important showed up then the algorithm will gracefully show it to me automatically due to the fact that most social media platforms are now based on interactivity and not chronological order. If something important happened, it will receive a good amount of reactions thus it will show up on my feed the first thing I open any social media app. News like a birth of a child, someone's death, or someone getting a promotion at work will receive a good amount of interactions hence I will know about those type of news when I scroll on social media in my permitted time of 2 hours a day.

And I cleared my email inboxes, no more 90,000 email badge on my email app hence my mind is cleared up on all ways hence there is nothing to fret about at all.

The Great Epiphany

After removing those distractions out of my life, I had more time to do other things in a single day. I have more time to read, write, research, learn new things, and much more.

I realized later on that I have wasted a good amount of time doing useless things in the past but I do have the chance to change my future the way that I wanted to and that is focusing on the craft that I have been working in for the past 5 years of my life and to this day learning new things from it.

Uhm, what craft?

The craft that I have been doing for the past 5 years of my life is software development (aka writing code). Not because it brings bread on the table and a roof on top of my head but I genuinely like doing it in general and I go deep in it sometimes.

If you have ever seen me in person then you would know how I react when I talk about it: enthusiastically and with great passion to a point that you know this is my thing.

But now it is time to move to a different level in it and leave a huge mark in this world. I don't care about the money at the current moment and I have cancelled every single freelance job that came to me for one legit reason: I have planned something to build for the next 1-2 years of my life that will set me off to eternity.

The next big thing

You might be wondering, what is this "thing" that I will be building for the next 1-2 years of my life? To be honest, my own company.

The whole purpose of this company is not to rival with anyone nor compete with anything but it is more of my own thing to represent myself with and to have fun doing the thing I love doing.

This doesn't mean I will quit my 9-5 job and pursue this for my entire life (not at the current moment but down the line like 5-10 years later on, this will become an option) but I want to do this in my free time. Consider it as my happy place where I get to write code for fun and I get paid to do things the way I want to do.

I don't care about the number of clients but the code that I will be writing there along side the progress of developing their solutions. I don't mind dealing with one client and do the work right than having 10 clients to deal with their bugs and issues. Money wise I can earn from that one client as much as those 10 clients minus the headache and problems.

The tech reference guy

I had the idea of starting my own thing a long time ago when people used to solely message me about issues they are facing and would help them for nothing in return. To them, I was a decent tech reference to rely on. A good portion of them offered me to lead their companies on the technical part, not because I can do the work but because they liked my personality and how I deal with things in my own way.

Then I started to post comments on Reddit and Twitter helping people with issues that they are facing with, I realized why not gather this information that I am sharing in a structured manner (hence now you realized why the blog and podcast seize to exist) and offer services to those who wish to get things done.

I used to shit-post and post memes online to feel cool, relevant, and edgy but realized recently that I am sitting on a winning lottery ticket but afraid to cash it out.

Now what will happen?

From now on I will be utilizing my social media accounts to post about updates and respond back to people in need of help but mainly focusing on the craft. I might get into a couple of posts sometimes but going to focus on producing content worth sharing and talking about.

This includes learning new things, testing things out, documenting, sharing this knowledge to the public.

I think it is time to cash that lottery ticket and use it properly. From now to the next 1-2 years I will not be accepting any additional freelance work to establish everything as planned, I know deep down that if everything flows as expected then I can set myself on something to last for a long time.

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