What I am up to next

So a new website is created, does this means that it is a new beginning? Well maybe but not in the sense you might think of it. I have thought long and wide about remaking my personal website shifting it from a basic informatic website towards a blog-like website but here is my take on this and what I will be doing in the future.

What is with the new website?

Well I have a ton of things to write and talk about, I thought about utilizing Substack to write my personal topics but turns out that it doesn't give the freedom I was looking for compared to having your own website where you actually own the data. The problem with websites like Substack that there is a chance to get censored and get banned on them for sharing topics you want to share, that does not mean I will be writing controversial topics that would get me banned but rather I want a free and open space to express my thoughts as they are.

The kind of topics I will be writing here will be a lot different than my usual technical topics. If you wish to follow on tech topics then you will find them in my tech blog Technolaaji. The kind of topics I want to write here are non tech topics that spark my interest ranging from personal manner (similar to this post) towards economics and politics (to a certain degree) and also Bitcoin with Austrian economics.

It is more like my own voice, my tech blog "Technolaaji" has became more of a brand of myself and I want to keep it this way to be honest, I wanted to have this personal tech brand but also I want to talk about other topics that would not fit to be posted on "Technolaaji". I thought about it a lot and considered doing this there but realized that this will cause confusion to a lot of people hence keeping each platform to a specific topic fits best. I will be removing the non technical topics from "Technolaaji" effectively as of writing this article (or put them in draft mode)

The podcast

An experiment worth investing time in and it worked out better than I have expected. I have mentioned in the past that I did the podcast as an experiment to see how it will progress and it did much better than I would have expected like the lineup of the people we are getting in the future is quite interesting (and the existing lineup that got on the show were phenomenal) and I will try to push the podcast to the furtherest (as much as I can) but eventually the podcast will reach to a position for either pivoting or stopping it all together.

See there is a limit to how much guests I can get and how this will progress even if I am still at the beginning and the amount of people participating is huge yet I can see the ending at like 2 years down the line like I am not mad or anything but I understand this position and I am preparing myself for it. I got amazing people from big name companies and I will probably will even more in the future yet there will be a limit and the pivot is either shifting towards specific topics (what I used to do) like advice on things I have done or cancel it completely. I will be asking for your help to make this podcast sustainable, not in a financial sense but rather in terms of bringing more guests down the line.

On the flip side I am building a site to my podcast rather than redirecting to Anchor, this will declutter a lot of the content on "Technolaaji" so that everything will be organized properly. Update: it is now available at www.reconfigured.stream

The company

I am going to do an experiment, something I would probably either be very proud of and make huge amount of cash out of or regret doing in the first place (but I will learn from it). I am going to do my own side hustle which is a Bitcoin only fully digital software development company in the Middle East (and I think I might be the first person doing this) which will be called "Literature and Code". The naming happened due to two factors: I like to read and I like to write code so the brand represents me perfectly. It should be done end of this year and it would start servicing in the beginning of next year but now I am in build mode and would put clients in pending mode (since there are pending clients at the moment)

The whole idea of the company is that I get asked a lot to do websites/apps for clients but sometimes the client doesn't know what they want or they might take advantage of working with a freelancer (past bad experiences) so I am going to develop a platform that facilitates the whole process while making it very straightforward for the client. I realized that I can give value for the client but I want things to work fairly and in a very systematic way to the point that both sides are happy. This company has no intentions to hurt or bother any employer or people I know but rather as a way for me to achieve financial independence to be able to buy a house and start a family (that is my plan before reaching the age of 30 that I should have things sorted out otherwise I would settle with what I have and accept the consequences). The focus is B2B businesses and I will be choosing the companies that are applying on a quarterly basis (so we will have 4 Qs each year, we might accept 1-2 client per quarter).

Now why Bitcoin? pretty simple! The economic of my current country Lebanon is kinda fucked up and the economic situation outside is not welcoming in the sense that a recession is happening also the amount of fees I have to pay to process a transation like a lot of middlemen to deal with especially when you are from Lebanon

like I can give an example about this: Imagine I have to get a card transation from a client, well I should work with a payment processor but the ones in Lebanon doesn't give you dollars instantly like they are setting bad rules to their favors and if you want to use something like Stripe then you need a registered company outside Lebanon (not supported) so I have to pay to have an e-citizenship in Estonia to be able to process transations so I have to pay for the e-citizenship along with yearly taxes plus Stripe's fees and Visa/Mastercard transations then let's say you want to do bank transfer with SWIFT then with Lebanese banks they will not give you the dollars at all and if you want to setup something like Wise (previously Transferwise) you will have to pay percentage fee per transfer while with Bitcoin I can get money from you directly no middleman what so ever